Friday, March 1, 2013

When a plan comes together

I managed to get my collar issues all ironed out last night and it looks GOOD.  I have to say that my only disappointment  is that the collar is much... pointier then I expected when viewing the photos (not that the photos show the blouse all that well in the first place.)  I was thinking it would be a bit more 'peter pan' ish  but it's still cute.  If/when I make it again I'll probably change that part of the pattern - an easy switch I'm sure.

Last night I got the facing in the armholes and all that finished.  It was much easier to do after making mistakes and then fixing them while attaching the collar.  It's starting to look like a shirt!!  In fact, I like it so much as is that I'm scheming a way to make the bow that's supposed to go on front detachable.  As a busty girl I tend to avoid any added bulk on the front of my shirts, so I think I want the option to wear this blouse without if the mood hits.  And, that's all I need to do to finish this thing!  Sew up and attache the bow -- then I can start on my next project - a very lovely vintage inspired dress - while I wait for tracing paper to come in the mail so I can trace off some patterns for shirts and trousers for my husband.

I'm on a roll... a ROLL I tell ya!

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