Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I figured out a few fixes on my Sure-Fit blouse last night.  First, the whole - the blouse is too short issue.  That was me doing a really poor inches to cementer's conversion when I first measured out the length - duh!  I emailed Glenda about the other issue I was having and she suggested I change the curve I used on the neckline - and that helped some.  I also did a square shoulder adjustment and POOF!  The entire blouse settled onto my body correctly - hooray!

BUT... Now I was left with the issue I always have with patters that I've done a FBA on.  Upper chest gap!

I resolved this on one of my pattered blouses by adding another dart from the sleave hole to the bust but I figured I would try this time to do it right (plus THREE whole darts pointing to my boob is a little much - luckily the pattern on that other shirt was busy and didn't really show it.  

I think I may have found another solution, but I have to finish tuning it tonight as I was up 'til 11:30 last night just fussing with the few changes I was able to make so far.

Oh, and I wanted to share THIS -- 

I had been trying to buy this pattern RELATIVELY close to my size for a while now - I fell in love with it AGES ago and I'm so happy to have it as part of my collection.  It's in the 'to be redrafted and sewed' pile.  :D  I was thinking that the detachable skirt (and even the dress itself with a lining) might be interesting in the burned Poli/Cotton the I bought on clearance.  

Oh, and today I found a vintage pattern in a size 48" bust.  WHAAAA!?  I snapped it up quick!  The best part was it's adorable and it was at an ESTY shop where I had a $5 credit (That I had gotten as a 'sorry' for a failed attempt to buy the above pattern from her - the size she had listed was wrong :( and she gave me a $5 credit for my trouble).

So much sewing to be done - sew little time!  I need a sewcation!

P.S. - if I can get the issues with the Sure-Fit sloaper worked out tonight... I'll be cutting the Blue Check Dress and the Green Check Dress tonight.  I didn't want to do any more muslins - I figured if I can get the sloapers worked out I'll just adjust those two dressed based on the changes I've made there.

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