Tuesday, March 26, 2013

She's wearing WHAT?

Shopping for patterns is really an interesting challenge.  It's amazing how much the styling and fabric choice on the pattern envelope can effect my buying.  I'm working really hard on trying to see through that and look at the lines of the garment instead.  It's not easy, and my guess is it takes practice (and hopefully it gets easier in time?)

Case in point - I was trolling through the Mccall's site because my local fabric stores has all their patterns for $1.99 each.  For some reason I didn't have many Mccall's patterns in my wish list and I decided to slow down while looking through them to see if it really was that I didn't like their style, or something else.

The first thing I noticed was that the New Sewing Patterns - every one of them had a photo with a bike.  I mean, maybe there's something I'm missing here (did they partner with the USA woman's cycling team or something)  but THIS

Is just down right distracting.

But, this made me click away quickly...

Then I stopped and went back - like an online double take.  Is that really a top/vest made out of costume fabric?  And the alternate view..  Well it's a little better.

But that's still not anything I would wear - ever.

But, if I take the time to scroll quickly past all that and look at the actual line drawings...

It's actually rather cute, and might be something I would wear if made up in the right knit.

But still.. really... this?

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