Sunday, March 24, 2013

Advance 5555 - Finished!

I have to say - there wasn't a lot of drama involved with making this dress.  I only did the slightest bit of tailoring (though it could have probably used a little more)   I did end up doing this a few times...

But, then I always do.  This time it was after putting a sleeve on wrong.  I also started with a bow in the same fabric and it was WAY too matchy-match so I pulled it off and replaced it with white.  (and used the original bow for my hair.

All in all, it went together fairly easy and it wears very comfortably.

This was my first ever vintage pattern and my first ever unprinted pattern, but that ended up being a let work then I thought.  I usually end up tracing all my patterns out anyway, so tracing this was not an extra step for me.  

probably the only real snag I had was trying to figure out the collar.  The instructions were very confusing for me and without pictures of what they were talking about I faked it and it turned out anyway so I'm happy.

I think this will fit in at vegas without a problem and should hold up to HOURS of dancing with not problem :D.

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  1. Gorgeous color!! What a perfect dress for dancing ;) You did an awesome job!