Monday, March 18, 2013

Ready to Move on

I have at least two more dresses to put together before we leave for Viva on 3/27.  I'm super excited about going and also super excited about having vintage inspired clothes to wear while I'm there... But, I have to admit that I'm really looking forward to getting back and starting to work on clothes that I can wear in my 'every day' life.  Especially things that I can wear to work!  (Although, the brown dot dress will be ok for work once it's finished, and the other two dresses will be great summer/weekend outfits).

To that end, I've been pinning some ideas for blouses - etc that I can sew up using this amazing stash of fabric I've got now.

I'm itching to get my sure-fit pattern finished as well!

Oh - and I need to start to design my costume for Labyrinth!

Here's a shot of last years (only you can't see the ton of work I did to make a peacock 'tail' for this)

Costume -  my friends said I looked and I quote - Hot

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