Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Looking UP

After all that frustration in my last post I decided to put aside the dress and move on to some other things.

I had this really cute fabric that I thought to make a summer top out of, but when I started laying it out with the pattern I wanted to use I found out that I didn't have enough!  I finally found a pattern for a simple summer dress with cute pleats around the top and a ribbon at the neckline to hold it all together.  It'll make a nice swim suite cover up and when I finish with the hemming (always the worse part) I'll upload a picture of it.

I also stopped at the fabric store to pick up some notions and made the mistake of stopping at the 'remnants' table.  With all of it 50% I went just a LEETLE crazy.  Here's what I picked out:

Two beautiful polyester (or something) that I know I can make work blouses out of.  One is this nice shade of blue:

the other this burgundy wine color that matches another blouse that I had and wore ALL THE TIME.  I don't have a pattern 'assigned' to these yet, but I'm sure there's something in my stash.  I'm not worrying about it right now because I'm focused on all the stuff I want to do before Viva.

I picked up some dark stretch denim to make into a pair of pedal pushers:

and this adorable green check cotton that I'm going to make into a wrap dress:

AND I picked up this knit:

that I have no idea what I'm going to do with but I'm inspired to do some sort of 'wiggle' dress with a drape to hide some tummy issues.  Maybe something like this from Burda

Lastly, and certainly NOT least... remember this idea I had?

Well, I found the same fabric again!  enough of it that I'm going to be able to finish this dress.

AND, finding that inspired me to go back to my muslin.  I ripped out the seams in the skirt - resewed them with 1/4" allowance instead of 5/8" and whalla all the fitting issues went away!  So I'm ready to start cutting into this brown dot!  *happy dance*

Oh and a impulse trip to a fabric store near my work was promising too! It's got a huge fashion fabric section (unlike the one near my home that is 99.9% quilting)  and I found a dark green and a dark blue check that I'm using to make this dress for my sister and myself.  I've cut the green already for my sister's dress.

and on top of all this, I've got the shorts assembled and am adding the bib to this Reconstructing History pattern (in a light blue denim).

and I've cut a shirt for my husband.

WHEW!  I feel productive.  Now to just FINISH something!

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