Saturday, February 22, 2014

McCalls 6658

I've been excited about McCalls 6658 since I saw it.

So when I found this light knit fabric at fabric mart I figured it would be a perfect marriage.

It turns out I was right :D

Th pattern went together great, though it doesn't fit together exactly as you might expect.  Yes, I had to read the instructions several times to get it right, but it did come together eventually.  I love the cowl and the overal all drapi-ness of it.  As well as all the room.

It was all that 'room' that did me in.  I looked at the pattern and thought - oh, no need for a FBA - there's so much design ease in this...

What I didn't take into account is that a true FBA also adjusts for length - and somehow, through the photos and the line drawings (see if you can spot the problem)

I had missed just how short the front of this sweat is.

The seamstress is not amused

I mean really...

If I hemmed this it would hit me just at my beltline.  While on some tops that might be perfect but on a drapey capey sweat wrap thingy... :(

It needs more length.  That being said, I've spent two weekend mornings bumming around in this thing.  I love that it doesn't have real 'sleeves' so I can work with it on and still feel like I'm wrapped up in a blanket.

I don't think I need two of these, so I doubt I'll make another, but I'm glad I scratched the itch and finally made something from this pattern.


  1. Could you add a wide band and call it a design feature?

    Lovely fabric again.

  2. Yes, I was wondering the same as Accordion. I can see that it would be really fun to wear, so maybe it will just stay an around the home thinggy - I have quite a few of those :)