Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February Garments are Underway!

I have a lot lined up that I want to do in February.  So many things I want to sew and so many awesome sew a longs right now.

But first...

I got my fabricmartfabrics order in of this lovely wool blend sweater knit.

(I'm sorry it was a great deal I couldn't pass it up)

And I got a nude colored lycra as part of one of their bundles (I love these things - it's like fabric Christmas

So I'm making two items from McCall's 6658 - the sweater from the knit and a tank from the Lycra.  The tank I figure I can wear under thin items for modesty and for warmth.

I'm also planning on rolling through my pants fitting class on Craftsy and making a wearable muslin from some ugly crepe suiting that I have and FINALLY learn to make/fit pants.

On top of that I'm going to do the Albion Sew-a-Long

and I want to make another fireside bowl bag for my daughter, and I'm making the next bag in that sew along (called the go-go bag) using scraps from the zebra print coat that I didn't get to finish last month :D

PLUS...  the Marfy sew-a-long continues with the Marfy skirt. And there's a vintage pattern sew-a-long that I want to participate in so that I can use some of my vintage patterns at LAST.

So, what I have gotten done so far.

My go-go bag is cut out, but I need to buy some interfacing - then that will be ready to sew.

I've got my fabric cut for the tank and the pattern pieces rough cut for the sweater of the Mccall's pattern.

I have printed and taped the Marfy pattern and the Albion pattern.

I've watched the craftsy course all the way through so I know what I'm getting into there...

And all my fabrics are pre-treated (washed etc) so I can cut into those right away.

Lastly I just HAVE to to share this amazing fabric that arrived today.  I can't pass up a bargain so when I saw this on clearance...

Yes, it's a red liquid lame... I had to buy it.  I see a Jessica Rabbit dress in my future.  Just not this month :D

(P.S. the Zebra coat is on hold - I need to buy more fabric for it - I cut the front pieces wrong and I don't have enough fabric to recut)

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