Monday, February 10, 2014

How to track a stash

I thought I would share my method of tracking my pattern and fabric stash.

I use evernote for both my pattern and my fabric stash.  it's free and super easy to use.  I have a notebook for my patterns and one for fabric.

Each time I buy a pattern - if it's from a website I use their webpage snapshot tool to capture a screenshot of the pattern.

I try to use "Simplified Article" if I can but I make sure that my clip grabs:  grabs the pattern's picture, recommended fabric, line drawing yardage etc.  It also capture the website URL for easy future reference.  I also save all my downloaded PDF patterns this way to make sure they don't get lost.

I then use the 'tag' feature to tag info about the pattern to make my data search able.  So I tag what the pattern is for (top, pants, skirt, dress, jacket, coat, etc) I tag what kind of fabric is recommended and other info.

So if I have a knit fabric that I want ideas for - I search through all my knit patterns with one click.  If I want knit dresses one more click and I have all the knit patterns for dresses.  You can tag on anything you like that way (such as a tag for costumes, or vintage patterns).

I do the same for my fabric.  either I do a screen shot if I bought it online (which captures a lot of great info) or take a picture when I get home, then write down width and length.  Then tag it with fabric type.  So when I get a pattern for a dress I want to make in cotton - I just open my notebook and in one click I can pull up every piece of cotton I have in my stash.

Best of all evernote syncs to any PC and to most phones so you have a copy of your stash everywhere you go!


I wanted to also mention that I use this method to track all the patterns that come with my Burda Mag subscription.  Since each are eventually released on the website - when they do, I snapshot the page and save it to my pattern notebook, with all the same tagging as mentioned above.


  1. That is super cool! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for this information, I am trying to work out what to use now Bento in no longer available.