Saturday, February 22, 2014

Marfy Blouse - a free pattern

Last month I joined in with the Marfy free pattern sew-a-long.

(you can download the free patterns here:

The sew along started with the blouse and you can follow along here:  (

I decided to make mine from a wine colored chiffon w/velvet polk-a-dots that I had found at Beverly Fabrics a few weeks earlier for about $3-4 a yard. I wanted something a little more solid for neck piece so I picked a slipper satin in a matching color.  I decided to use the satin to bind the arm holes and hem as well.

As suggested in the sew along, I made a quick muslin, but after cutting it realized that I had cut two backs!  I sewed it up and tried it on anyway, just to see length, etc and then figured, screw it, and went ahead and cut into my fashion fabric (being sure to cut one each front and back).

Overall the blouse came together quickly and I like the results.

Marfy - 1913

I did french seams on the sides and shoulders, and as I said I used my satin fabric to bind all the other edges.

I've fairly happy with how it turned out - though it looks much better by itself then with something over the top (I think).  so I will have to wait for the weather to warm up to wear it more.

That being said... this month I found another piece of chiffon - while at Walmart.  It was a remnent that had been marked to $2.00 and then was 20% off... seriously.  Better yet, it was a border print, and I had thought about making this top in a border print the first time.

This time I tried something different for the seams and finishes.  I grabbed my narrow hem foot and used that.  I'm sure someone before me had thought of using then hem foot to sew enclosed seams before, but I had never heard of it.  I worked like a dream.  With one pass I had a neat enclosed seam with no trimming.  And in no time I had another cute blouse to add to my collection.

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