Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Me-May-May the 7th

Took a break from "Me-Made" at work and saved it for at home.  The weather has taken a turn for dark, gloomy and cold so it was a perfect time to pull out my thermal top.  (and my first ever knit garment).  It has some flaws - some bad ones, but I love it anyway.  Especially the color and the self drafted thermal cuffs.  (In case you didn't know, purple is my favorite color)

How did I do it?  Well, I looked at another thermal top I had and measured the length of those cuffs, took that measurement and added seam allowance.  So, if you want a 2" cuff and a 3/8" seam allowance you're now at 2 3/8".

Then, I doubled that amount

Next I measured the width of the bottom of the sleeve.  And, because I didn't think about this until AFTER I had sewn them on... I measured the sleeve from center to seam. (Let's say that's 2 1/2") and added seam allowance.

Then double that amount (to go all the way around the sleeve).  If, you're smart enough to measure BEFORE you attach the sleeve, then just measure the bottom of the sleeve flat - and you're done!

Now, here's where I did things that might be a little different then some might think (in fact my RTW cuff wasn't constructed this way).

First I folded along the "Center of Cuff" line and sewed the edges  - right sides together.

Now, 'roll/fold' the tube, wrong sides together until the remaining unsewn edges meet, encasing that seam inside.

Match raw edges of the cuff to raw edge of the sleeve (right sides together) and sew it on.  Then I top stitch the seam allowances down  to the sleeve.  Ta-Da you're done!

I promise, I'll take pictures next time I do this, as this won't be my last thermal top - I love these for lounging  and sleeping in.

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