Thursday, May 2, 2013

Me-Made-May the First

As I mentioned before, my me-made wardrobe is pretty limited and I work in an office scenario so I have to be rather creative with my pledge.  Today I wore ready to wear to work, but as soon as I came home I switched into my knit 'yoga skirt' that I made two weeks ago and a Old Navy Tank top.  It's been HOT here  so changing into something light and comfortable was a great relief at the end of the day.

I've been wearing the heck out of this skirt already and I did an OK job of it I guess as my youngest daughter (19) kept telling me over and over on Saturday that she LOVED my skirt.  I love it (and the matching hoodie - not to meant to be worn together) so much that I bought the same fabric in another pattern to make more of both!

Now, I'm sure you're noticing the disaster on my coffee table.  What's that? you might ask?

Well that's how my living room looks most of the time.  It's were I do much of my cutting.  Why?  well because my husband wants to spend time with me in the evenings.  We watch TV together while he surfs the internet and I either do all my hand sewing, or trace patterns and/or cut out new projects.  I try to clean it up before bed, but that doesn't always happen.  Hiding in that mess is an ADORABLE if vibrant baby cord material that I'm making a mini-skirt out of.  I picked it up in a "What the heck" moment while fabric shopping and ended up getting it for free!  Hooray for being a regular!  Why a miniskirt? you might ask... well there isn't much of it and I think it's all I might be able to squeeze out of it.  I may have to start looking for tights in that brilliant aqua color to make an outfit out of it - but I'm game.

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