Thursday, May 2, 2013

Me-Made-May the 2nd

Today's a work from home day - so It's much more casual.  That means I get to wear something Me-Made all day today.  I'm sporting one me-made item and that's my top.

I really haven't mentioned this top before because.. well... it's not the greatest.  Let me start at the beginning.

This is made from Butterick 5895 

and I threw it together while I was desperately trying to finish things up before heading off to Vegas for Viva.  I knew I would need some extra boob space and when I compared it to my sloper I knew I was also going to need some length so I did both those things.  But, as you can see, not enough.  The whole thing ended up being a super big challenge to put together, the instructions confused me more then helped and overall I was an unhappy camper.  The problem is, I'm such a novice sewer that I wasn't sure if the problem was with the pattern, or me.  I'll have to try it again some day and figure that out.

But -- I have worn it twice now.  Once at viva and now for me-made-may so all is not lost.  And, on the bright side, I figured out it was too small BEFORE I put on buttons and button holes so it almost looks like I did it that way on purpose...almost.

Also, since I was doing this I figured I would follow up on the challenge to wear white.

As you can see, I've met that challenge!  I think this looks better with my cuffed jeans but hey - I gave it a try right?

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I present you with my sewing companions.

This is Imbri.  She enjoys curling up on freshly laundried fabric, chasing and shredding pattern pieces and other such challenges.  She also enjoys leaving her fur around to be sucked up by any light colored fabric/clothes that are available.

This is Leeloo.  She is terrified of patterns and the crinkle crinkle noise they make.  She sees any piece laying on the floor as a huge sign yelling, "You will not pass!"  That doesn't stop her from trying to figure out how to get as close to you as possible without disturbing the pattern monster.  She also loves to leave her fur everywhere to be sucked up by any dark colored cloth nearby - or nearby any place where she once was.  She also loves to dry her chin on you while pretending to ask to be petted.

And, in case you don't fully realize the scale of the dog pictured above - I leave you with this.


  1. LOL...this made my day! Your outfit is great also, but you gotta love the pets...thanks for sharing. I follow you on the pattern review site.

  2. Love the top! I think its really cute and goes well with your hair.

  3. I think you top looks great! I like the idea of the "too small" fit. TFS