Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Terribly bummed

So, yesterday I went to check on my walking foot and when it would be delivered so I could start working on my 'knits' class, only... there was a problem.

The seller that I bought it from has disabled his ebay account!  There's a record of my purchase and all under my activities but no way to tell if it shipped, if it's going to ship, or what.  eBay says that I have to wait until 10 days after the estimated receive date to file a claim and get my money back.   The problem is, I DON"T WANT TO WAIT!!!  I want it now!  *pout*pout*

I would just go ahead an order another one, but I don't want to end up with two of them - but I also don't want to have to wait until next month to get started on this new and wonderful sewing adventure!  What's a girl to do?

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