Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Well, so far my plan has been working.  I was able to feel accomplished in completing some steps toward the Gertie bombshell dress while working also on a shorter term, more instant gratification, type project at the same time.

For the Bombshell dress I got both patterns taped together and figured out the differences between the two. (I have a Burda 'plus-size' pattern that is similar to the bombshell dress as well as the dress that came with the class that isn't in my size).  The main differences were:  One: on the purchased burda pattern the bodice/skirt are all one long piece - the Gertie dress has a seam at the waist.  Two:  the Gertie dress has a extra pattern piece for the front skirt that is what gives it the 'wrap dress' look in the front.  So, I cut my pattern at what was marked the waistline and drafted a new, larger front panel for the skirt, and I was done with that for the week.

Then it was time to get out the lovely shirting fabric and the 'easy' blouse from McCall's (6648)

Well, guess what - easy is relative.  While the blouse is going together simple enough there is a LOT and I do mean a LOT of hand sewing in this project.  Back yoke, sleeve cuffs, and both the right and left button stand (I think that's what they are called) have facing or edges that have to be slip stitched into place.  And that's kind of the step I'm stuck at right now.  All the 'big' assembly is done but I need to slip stitch the collar, and button stand.  But here's where I'm stuck... Not just because it's a lot of work, but because after trying on the assembled blouse - I don't think it's very flattering.  And after all the work I did to match the pattern too!!
Yes - it's a large pattern - more about that in another post

I guess I'll just need to grit it out, finish the thing and go from there.  When I'm done I'll post here and others can tell me what they think.

Now on to the new week and new stuff.  I started cutting the muslin for the Gertie dress last night and that's finished.  It all looks so neat and professional!  I'm so proud of myself for taking my time with this so far.  left to do is to do the thread tracing, sew the bodice together and start fitting!  No small task when you don't have a dress form or an extra set of hands to help.

Oh, and I'm also going to start thinking about my next 'quick fix' project (While I procrastinate the hand sewing for the floral blouse)  I mean... look at some of the fabric I recently picked up that are begging to be made into something great for sprint/summer. (even though I said I wouldn't be buying anymore fabric for a while).

A sweet cotton floral that'll make a great blouse

Novelty print cotton that I can't wait to make into a vintage inspired sun dress 

A small piece stretch fabric of... something... that I'm going to make into panties

A plaid that's just begging to be a shirt dress - don't you think?

And there's much much much much more where that came from.  I made the mistake of stopping at Hancock's last night looking for clear elastic and stretch lace and they were having 50% off all their cottons...  Let's just say that if you think that apple print is wild, wait until I show you the sunflower print I picked up.

Happy sewing you all!

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