Tuesday, April 30, 2013

McCall's 6612

I got onto a bit of a knit kick after getting my walking foot and going through the "Sewing with Knits" class at Craftsy.  (PS: Craftsy pays me no money - I just like their format).  So, after finishing up a few of the projects included with course, I decided to try some patterns on my own; first, was McCall's 6612.  (No, McCall's doesn't pay me money either).

I loved the cowl neck of dress D, but also loved the "Elasticized Side Seams" of view A.

I really wanted to do the longer sleeves of view A too, but in the end ran out of fabric.  (I buy fabric because I love it - then decide what to do with it later - so project and fabric length don't always match up)

In the end, it came out ok, but not perfect.

What I love... the cowl - it draped beautifully in the purple jersey knit I picked out.  And it's long  (even though I shortened it a tad due to aforementioned fabric length issues) and very elegant feeling.

What I don't like --  Well, it's rather shapeless.  Maybe it's my body type but I didn't feel like it did much for me.  

Sorry for being headless - I was making the WORSE face in these shots!

It got worse at the end of the day.  Oh and I found out something goofie was going on with the hem - I've already pulled it out with an eye to fix it before wearing it again.

 I have two options here...

1) try taking it in a bit.  My only concern is, the fabric is so lightweight that it'll show every lump and bump (and I have plenty of those).  The offset to that would be to wear shapewear under it... but that kind of defeats the purpose of an awesome soft jersey dress...

2) try adding the elastic to the side seams.  This was my original intent anyway.  I had been worried that that option would make the dress too short, But honestly I don't really like the length as it is.  it's at this weird mid knee length - not above it, not below it that makes me feel like I constantly need to pull it down.  Maybe with the elastic to shorten it I would wear it with leggings which would take care of the shapewear requirement mentioned above and maybe take this from Meh to Funky.

Oh - and I also don't like the sleeve length...they hit me wrong and it makes me look like they are too small...

anyway - any thoughts?  suggestions?  all are welcome

Oh - as for the pattern itself... super easy - but I think it may require some work to not look like a sad sack. But, again, maybe that's just me...


  1. This is a very nice dress. I wonder if a lining would help. I find that it does wonders for one's bumps, as the lining takes the hit and the dress just sort of hangs indifferently over the bad spots. I have your same figure, and have yet to make a wearable dress. Linings and jackets come to mind.

  2. I love the fabric, I made this same dress in a green and purple