Friday, April 5, 2013

I think I have a plan

Last night I puzzled it through and I believe I've finally got a plan.  (and I've gotten all my fabrics washed - whoo hoo!)

First - I'm going to go through the Gerti bombshell dress class and make that.  Because this is a huge involved project I'm going to take it slow and set myself small weekly goals (pretty much one lesson per week).  That means this week I'm going to get my pattern set up.

Because the standard pattern that comes with the class doesn't fit me, I had to buy a similar pattern in a larger size (Burda #132).  Last night I got both patterns printed and taped together.  This weekend the goal is to draft a third and final pattern using the sizing in the new pattern, but the style lines of the skirt from the Gerti dress.  On top of this, I think I'm still going to have to adjust the bust cups because I don't think they are large enough even on the lager pattern.

Ironically - the fabric I'm going to use is this:

Despite the label saying it's a burgundy, stretch, rayon-blend jersey - it's actually a pretty heavy weight white cotton with a white butterfly pattern.  Oh - and there's actually more then 2 yards of it (when they screwed up and sent this to me, they decided to do it right).   I'm using this because, 1) it's the only heavy cotton I have in the house, 2) it was free and if I mess it up - no harm - no foul and 3) given the 'sarong style' of the Gerti dress - I thought this pattern would actually look fitting - a little spring time in the tropics.  I can already see myself wearing this with my strappy denim heals and my fitted denim jacket.  I guess I better plan on finishing before spring's end!

Anyway - as I said, the goal is the get the pattern drafted this week.

April 8th - 14th: I'm going to cut my Muslin and fit the bodice
April 15th - 21st: Cut/Sew the Outer Bodice
April 22nd - 28th: Cut/Sew Skirt (Muslin and fashion fabric)
April 29th - May 5th: Add Zipper - Add Boning
May 6th - May 12th:  Finishing Details and Hem

One other reason I want to perfect this pattern...

while browsing through polyvore the other day I stumbled across this blouse/cami.

It's almost exactly the same as the Gerdi dress - and that got me thinking that it would be perfect to wear under some of the flowy gauzy blouses I was looking to make - in the right nude color.  So, once I've got this working in my cotton 'muslin' I'll be able to make this again is a more camisole appropriate material and use the heck out of it as an under shirt.

Now, because the bombshell dress is such a long term project I've decided to throw a few smaller things in there with it and to give myself a little instant gratification along the way.  

First this a pretty blouse from Mccall's (M6648)

I have plans to make this in gauzier fabric too - but since (as I said before) I'm waiting for my feather weight to be serviced before sewing those lighter fabrics I'm going to try it in this beautiful floral shirting I found recently at

It's a super light fabric and I think the oversized floral will look amazing on this drapey blouse.  We'll see - as I said before, I always get nervous at this point, wondering if I've made a good patter/fabric combination choice.  I'm almost ready to go back and buy more of this just in case this doesn't work out because I love the fabric so much and I want to have something made out of it eventually.

I do have some hope that I'm going in the right direction here because I found this at polyvore:

It's so very similar in shape and floral pattern! (only I like my floral better).   And hey - that blouse costs $430 - I'm going to be making mine for $15 ($2 for the pattern, 10 for the fabric + some buttons)

The pattern is marked 'easy' so maybe I'll even be able to finish it this weekend and wear it to work next week... now that's exciting!

I have a bunch of other 'small' projects lined up for the month - I want to make one pair of pants, one vintage (inspired) piece and one 'something' for my husband.  My goal will be to get any cutting and hand work done during the week (while spending time with the family) and then spend most of the weekend upstairs on the machine - we'll see how that works out in 'real life'.  But it's a plan at least and all I really need to start moving forward!

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