Monday, March 3, 2014

March Plans

March is going to be an interesting Month... I'm out of town for two weekends and one entire week - and yet I still have a lot of things I would like to complete before the end of the Month.  Viva Las Vegas is coming up quickly and I would like to make my outfits for that to be 99% Me Made!  Plus I've told my husband I would work on a few things for him.

So, the plans look like this...

1)  3 shirts for my husband (and one for me) from Kwick Sew 3484.

I made one of these shirts last year -- it was a mess :)  I've learned a lot since then.  I've got a few fabric combos to make these with various contrast etc (like leopard print) and I'm excited about seeing these come together.

2) a Short sleeved - convertible collar version of this shirt

I'm making the 'western' version w/skulls and roses fabric on the contrast yokes - totally Bad ass :)

3)  My "Play Suit" that won the Sew Bossy Poll

I even bought some fabric just for this

I just have to wait for it to arrive and see if it's actually heavy enough to make a pair of shorts out of.  I should (at least) be able to get a shirt and skirt from it.  In the meanwhile I need to redraft the pattern in my size *sigh*

4)  Pattern Review is doing a Fitted Blouse contest - I'm going to enter that and use this pattern; view C
McCall's 3629
Fabric is still TBD but I'm thinking This from my stash might work out.

this will be extra challenging since I also have to redraft this pattern in my size (darn vintage patterns)

5)  Later in the month we'll be continuing the Marfy Sew-along with the jacket.

I'm going to be making that out of this BEAUTIFUL Raw silk suiting

6)  Oh, and I want to make several of the Meringue Clutch from the Big City Bags sew along, because I want to make this cute little clutch in a rainbow of colors to go with my vintage dresses - I hate carrying a purse at Viva and a clutch is the perfect alternative.


I also need to finish my Albion Coat, finish my husbands's suit coat and I have a ton more vintage dresses in the queue that I want to finish before Viva - no, I'm not ambitious at all!  I wonder if I can figure out how to take some sewing with me when I'm out of town for a week for work.

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