Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January is well on it's way.

I've managed to get a few things finished already in January.

First is this Coat - Mccalls 5485 view B

Minxy coat

The fabric is the brown version of this fabric from (  and I just love it.  It's fuzzy and bouncy and cozy and warm.  I knew I wanted to make something out of it would let me wrap me this fabric around me - full length, and so McCalls 5485 was chosen.  It made up very quickly and easily and would have been even quicker if I hadn't sewn the entire collar together and had to pick it apart.  picking apart this fabric was almost impossible I think it took me over two hours.  Must remember -ALWAYS double check before sewing!

Second was the dress I made myself for my birthday. McCalls 6741 View B

Jan 4-birthday girlNew dress

The pattern made up quick enough - I wish I had eliminated the center seam and addressed the front notch differently because with the pattern on this fabric it would have turned out looking better.  Also - I love pockets, but the placement on these are rather strange.  They are in the princess seam line and when I put my hands in the front it totally ruins the lines.  I feel like a kangaroo.  What's funny is they don't seem so 'in front'

which leads me to believe this dress wasn't graded well.  although the dress is cute and it makes me happy to wear it, I doubt I would make it again - I'm just not happy with the front pockets or the neckline.  

I've also started making my first ever suit jacket --- for my husband.  He's picky picky picky - and it's a Burda pattern -- minimal instructions.  What was I thinking!?

I spent ages and ages thread tracing

Jan 17 - sewing the night away

It was going ok until I hit the dreaded collar - three times I attached it thinking I had gotten it right - and it's still wrong!

Jan 12th - askew

Ah well, I'll keep taking it off until I get it right.

Also on my table - I'm doing the Marfy Sew-a-long and I'm working on the blouse (notes on my muslin soon)

AND I'm working on a coat for Jungle January.

A January project!

And I want to make a bag with the Big-City-Bag Sew-a-Log with the scraps from my birthday dress - yeah I have a lot in the queue.

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