Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tools of the trade

Since I just got my pride and joy out of the shop, I thought I would share my 'girls' with you.

First is my 'work horse'.  Bertha the Brother.

For a $75 machine she does an alright job.  This is also my first ever 'modern' machine.  I'm trying to get used to using zig-zag stitches and the fact that things like the reverse button and the presser foot up/down leaver are in different places.

This is Nora and she was my Mother-in-law's.  I've never really used it because, unfortunately, it's not in the best of shape.   It's sad because if it was working correctly it would kick the BUTT of the modern day brother.  HOWEVER.  This machine didn't start it's life as a table machine and someone at some point modified the electronics to make it one.  When I got it it didn't work at ALL.  I took it into the shop and they just shook their head.  The changes made to the electronics could not be undone and though they got  it to at least come on and sew none of on/off switches work.  The light is always on and I can't switch it from fast to slow stitch speed, and when I press the knee leaver it doesn't 'gradually' start to sew, it's either going 100MPR or not moving at all.  This makes things like back stitching and cornering impossible. I've toyed with the idea of bringing it back to the shop with the table this time to see if they could make it usable, but I"m hesitant to throw more money at it as the first repairs cost $150 and I would hate to put more into it and have it still not be usable.  

However, she still has a proud place in our house.  And how can you NOT love things like the first page of the instruction manual.

It starts off "Dear Madam"

And lastly - my BABY.

The machine I learned to sew on.  She belonged to my Great Grandmother (my father's grandmother) and she still runs like a champ.  According to her Serial number she's a 221 Flatbed and was born in 1935.  The things she has sewn!  Besides the fact that she's a part of my life and my history and sewed all of the homemade clothes and costumes I wore as a kid, she's also the only thing I have of my dad's family (His parents died long before I was born).  She sews like a champ and she's beautiful - what's not to love?

PS - I still have the original foot control and carrying box.  I also have the singer button hole maker which, in my opinion, makes the best button holes EVER, but I'm still waiting for my mom to send that to me.  (She only gave me the machine three years ago - because she was still using it).  I also have the original ruffle foot and tuck attachment along with other important feet.

Anyway - those are my girls!

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