Monday, January 19, 2015

Sewing in 2015

It's been a good start to the New Year so far...

Got some quality sewing done, and did a deep cleaning/reorganizing of my stash and sewing area.

I really want to focus on getting through some of my fabric and pattern stash this year as well as finally finishing some of my craftsy classes.  So, the first project I started was the Islander Sewing Systems "Jacket Express"  in an adorable cotton duck that's been sitting in my stash for over a year.

I followed along with the craftsy class "Sew Better Sew Faster" that includes this pattern in the course. 

The first few evenings I got through cutting all the fabric and interfacing, applying the interfacing as well as the first round of stitching and top stitching when I ran out of top stitching thread!

That put the project on hold until I could hit the store, so I decided to tackle a second project.  Again I went to my stash and pulled out one of the 'kits' I purchased from craftsy at the end of last year when they had a HUGE sale.

This one is called "Breezy Pintuck Tunic Top" which seems kind of special, but it's actually just Butterick 6024 and some Black cotton lawn.  After checking the sizing/ease charts I decided to just cut a straight size 20 and see what happened.  In the end that was the right decision.  The shoulders fit good, the bust is ok - and I have lots and lots of ease in the rest of the blouse.  

I can't say that I'm in love with the blouse - 'billowy' doesn't really suite in figure in my opinion but I got a compliment when I wore it to work, but to offset that, my husband said it looked like a judge's robe.  The neckline seems way too wide to me as well - though it fits in the shoulders...

One thing I do love about it is the length

The front hits me at the right spot and the back is great too.  

Also, this was my first time doing pintucks so I got some learning out of it as well.  It's at least nice enough that I'll wear this while lounging around the house.  As for the fabric - it wrinkles easily, doesn't press well and attracts lint like B*&*^.  I have a few other Craftsy kits in my stash, but if this is any indication...I probably won't be buying any more.

Then it was back to the jacket...

MAN this was a lot of work!  So..Much..Top..Stitching.  And my machine just did not seem to like top stitching.  And then there was the bulky seams that I needed to sew over the top of.  This project convinced me that I need a clapper!

I will say that the craftsy class makes every part of this simple except the special "burrito method" of putting on the cuffs.  I figured it out eventually, but the explanation for finishing the back yoke was so well done that I was surprised that it wasn't the same when it came to the cuffs.  

I really didn't change the main pattern much.  I didn't really like the rounded edges on the jacket cuff, collar and bottom edge.  I changed the cuffs and collar but was a little concerned about the bottom edge because it needed to match the facing so I left it.  Now that it's done I doubly wish I had changed it too.  HOWEVER, this does not change the fact that I LOVE my new jacket.  In fact, everyone who's seen it seems to love it too!  Even my husband, who rarely compliments something (so you know he's impressed when he does) mentioned how nice/professional it looks.

I even bound all the seams so that it's got a nice clean finish on the inside!

I mean, seriously, I never show off the inside of my clothes, but this needed to be shared :)

And for the special touch - I used a fun light cotton for the pocket bag -- sure, no one sees it but me, but it gives me a happy glow knowing I have this cute little secret.

As for fit.. well.. :(  I went by the measurements on the envelope... It looked like a 1X would fit ok.  But when I got everything all sewn up and tried it on... Well, it fits in the shoulders and almost fits in the bust, but at the waist and hips...It's a no.  Totally bummer - BUT  I just left the buttons and button holes off it and plan to wear it like it is until I loose a few inches.  It's still a fun jacket that makes me happy to wear.  Just beware the fit if you choose to make it for yourself!

And, since I finished my jacket 'early' yesterday I went ahead and made myself a bra.  I'll spare showing you the pictures :)  I still need to work on getting a bra I'm happy with the fit, but they are still closer then store bought bras, so I'll just keep working at it.  In total I've 'stash busted'  over 6 yards so far this month - only 999 left to go ;)


  1. That jacket fabric is fabulous, and the style looks great on you! And, honestly, I wouldn't have even known that it was too small if you hadn't mentioned it. Isn't an open jacket the current style? Anyway, beautiful work!

  2. Love the jacket--great job!