Friday, May 2, 2014

Viva las Vegas!!

Been back from vacation for a week and still haven't recovered.  I'll my feverish sewing paid off!!

Here's some of the things I finished just moments before leaving! :)

Vogue 2401 - super complicated sew (made worse by the fabric I used) but oh so worth it!  I love this dress!

Vogue 2902 - a little weird in how the contrast attaches.  I would like to make this again when I have more time.  May even take this apart and improve the fitting

Simplicity 1590 - I struggled with this.  The raglan sleeves were a mess and I couldn't figure out how to do a FBA - need to try this one again, but love how it turned out all things considered.  My first try with sewing with silk!

And my favorite - a bowling shirt to 'match' my husbands.  I love this top!!  Even more proud of the fact that I totally hacked this together.

The men's shirt pattern I had been using for all the men's shirts I had been making was Way too big in the shoulders and arm holes, so I wanted to start with a woman's shirt.  My critera was - 'boxy' style button down with facing (not a button placket) and a fold down collar.  The closest I could come was this vintage pattern I owned.

Amazingly it pretty much fit from the package!  I took the right panel of the shirt and split it into three pieces - added seam allowance to all three and poof I had my contrast front.  

for the sleeves I actually used the original Kwick Sew pattern piece and graded between the sleeve edge and arm scythe to make it fit.  This gave me the more loose 'bowling' look to the shirt.

for the collar I again toko the Kwick Sew pattern and just shortened it at the center back to fit the length of the new neck opening.  I have to tell you, I was a little amazed when it all came together - but over the top pleased.

As an added bonus, I made the under collar out of the contrast fabric so that it matches my husband's shirt in every detail  

In conclusion, from April 1st to April 15th (when I left for vacation) I managed to complete three men's shirts, three dresses and two shirts for me... not bad, not bad at all!

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