Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My Christmas dress

I decided in the middle of the day that I wanted to make a dress to wear to the Brian Setzer concert that I was going to that night. So, I went to the fabric store, picked up some fun Christmas fabric and went for it. Luckily I had a tried and true pattern already (vogue 8797) that I knew would go together quickly and I had already altered to fit. I changed the neckline on this version by just free handing tracing/cutting right on the fabric and adjusting as I sewed and did final fitting. 

There are a few 'issues' with it. Some places where I would have ripped and resewn had I had more time but overall I was thrilled with it. And the dress got the reaction I had hoped for at the concert (and walking down the street). One friend said I looked like a present which is exactly what I had been going for. 

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