Monday, February 25, 2013


So, you may be wondering why one silly dress prompted me to create a blog.  The answer is simple - I caught the bug!  As I was sewing this (and reading the best sewing blog ever - Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing) I knew I needed to sew more.  So I bought a bus load of patterns from Amazon and picked up some fabric from the fashion district while I was in LA.  You combine that with the stash of fabrics and patterns I already had, and the corner of the bedroom my husband so sweetly cleaned out for me and I'm on a roll.

I got home from LA yesterday and I barely got unpacked before I was organizing my supplies and new sewing space.  Then I jumped on my machine and completed a cape project that had been sitting in my sewing box for about three years!  (I even wore it to work today I was so happy with it).  I also got started with cutting out the pieces to make the cute bow blouse that's part of this pattern.

One thing to note is that one of the issues that I've always had with sewing is that I never seem to finish anything.  The few projects I have are usually costumes because there's always a good reason and a solid deadline to get it done.  So what's the impetus for my new sewing barrage?  We'll hubby and I are going to Viva Las Vegas  and both of us need some awesome clothes to wear to make the weekend even more fun.  The blouse above is one of several projects I'm working on to bring a little retro flair to my Viva clothing and is one of many things I want to get done over the next month -- wish me luck!


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